Project and risk managementapplied to people and processes

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Why Jobpulz?

Jobpulz provides professional business tools to resolve the needs in select areas such as: risk management, audits, ISO certification, customer relations, patient medical care, as well as a range of HR related matters.

What’s beating in Jobpulz?

Whereas some of the modules specifically aim to resolve the needs within defined professional areas, yet other modules provide cross platform support. These modules are project-and task management, feedback, and document management.

Project and task management

Self-defined workflows for different business areas

  • Powerful integrations across the modules for HR, Quality, and CRM
  • Automated notifications to monitor progress and accountability
  • Clone tasks and resposibilities for repetitive tasks


Integration with projects-and tasks enables the use of different workflows to organise your HR processes. Examples are onboarding, recruiting, training, etc.

  • Performance reviews
  • Competency and training
  • Benefits
  • Absence management
  • Shift management
  • Documents
  • Notes

Quality and risk management

Comprehensive framework to plan and execute all quality and risk related activities. Examples are internal audits, annual reports and board meetings, certifications, health and safety actitivies. Project-and task integration allows for applying different workflows, depending on scope and complexity

  • Activity planner and visualisation tool
  • ROS and configurable risk matrix
  • Shared documents and report templates
  • Checklists
  • Incident and risk management


  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Create checklists and to-do lists to monitor follow-up
  • Collect data and generate statistical output on a needs basis
  • Customer satisfaction and market research


  • Version control
  • Access and reading logs
  • Online text editing and office compatible products
  • Share documents
  • Archiving


Flexible and configurable module to optimize relevance for different audiences. Create your own information properties and apply different workflows on a needs basis. Integration with project-and task management makes this a truly poweful tool for customer relations management

Electronic health record

Flexible and configurable module for different clinical settings. Strong security and access control. Fulfills government regulations and supports extensive reporting and statistics.

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Common management responsibility consists of the planning and execution of different projects and tasks. These can be simple and repetitive in nature, or they be be highly complex and involve many employees in different roles and functions. A true Jobpulzer understands how useful a well thought through workflow is to ensure effective communication and progress. For those new to the concept of workflows, a simple description refers to planned sequences in a specific work process. In other words, it is a planning tool that ensures accountability and progress. We will happily assist you to understand the scope of workflows and how to apply it to your business.

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Notification feed

At the very heart of Jobpulz, there is a notification feed that keeps beating constantly by way of automated alerts. Let’s just call it the Jobpulz! Typical notifications track sequences in a workflow, upcoming deadlines, comments along the way etc. Buf of course, notifications will also relate to other ongoing activities, such as HR responsibilities and the reporting and follow-up of incidents and risks.

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Based on the customer’s preference, we accommodate the need for integrations (APIs) with third party software. Typically this will be systems for accounting and salary.

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  • Safe and easy access in the cloud
  • Mobile & flexible
  • Always updated
  • Compliant with the law
  • Pay only for relevant modules

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Jobpulz AS is the company behind the Jobpulz platform. We are a modern and forward-looking IT company. We aim to create complex technical solutions that preserve both user friendliness and functional simplicity.
Our mission is to play a key role in creating safe and successful organisations, through well documented and effective work processes
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